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Friday, December 31, 2004


I All stories are 100% TRUE. If you have preconceived notions about who "Jory" is you may want to rethink them before continuing. If you think I have never used bad judgment, you may just want to navigate away from this page now.

II Names will be altered to protect the guilty. I know, I know, I should let the guilty rot, unfortunately, this could leave me vulnerable to a law suit, and we wouldn't want that.

III Drugs are not for kids. I didn't do any illegal drugs until I was out of high school, and I don't recommend any underagers doing them either. That said, when talking of illegal drugs, they are, of course, illegal, so in that regard I should say, I don't recommend that ANYONE do ANYTHING illegal, not because of any potential risks, but, just because it is ILLEGAL. I would however recommend that everyone reconsider the idea that drugs, particularly marijuana, are bad. From the information that I have read, the most dangerous things about marijuana are:
A)Who you have to buy it from.
B)Where you have to go to buy it. And,
C)That you might get arrested.
All three of these dangerous consequences would be removed if MARIJUANA WERE MADE LEGAL. There will be stories that involve the use of all types of drugs. That said, illicit drug use is, by definition, illegal, and I do NOT condone or advocate or recommend that ANYONE do ANYTHING ILLEGAL, since that would just be irresponsible.

IV Drinking and driving is not funny. I have done it, I got lucky. There are stories that will involve drunk driving. Please do not drink and drive, for that matter don't drive stoned or while hallucinating either, it may seem like fun, but, it just isn't worth the risk and as I said above in section III: I do NOT condone or advocate or recommend that ANYONE DRIVE DRUNK, since that would just be irresponsible.

V This disclaimer may be changed in the future without prior notification.

VI All stories are protected by US copywrite law. Please don't use them without permission from the me. I will probably let you use them, but, I must request that you ask first (and if I become a big hit you may have to pay me too).